InnovationWell US Roadshow: May 7-11, 2018

Katya Tsaioun
‘I believe that we are now in toxicology at the point where clinical medicine was 30 years ago. Evidence-based methods hold promise to not only provide a way to objectively assess the evidence underlying regulatory decisions, but, given time, to improve the quality of individual studies and methodologies.’
Barry Hardy
'Safety by Design means taking a holistic rather than a sequential design approach from the start of the product development process. It means looking at all of the interactions together so as to design-in the good features while leaving out the bad.’
Alexander Tropsha
'As scientists, we need to get together in small groups, to find a more open, more blunt, more cohesive way to move science and regulation forward in the same direction. There is a Valley of Death between scientific discovery and the time it takes to get regulatory acceptance.'

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The theme for May 2018 will be "New Methods in Safety Assessment"
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Both in-person and virtual attendance is free.
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InnovationWell Interaction meetings are open to everybody.

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