Activities Incldude:

Ongoing seminars and Discusssions

InnovationWell holds an ongoing series of online seminars by leading international experts and researchers. Members are also encouraged to submit their own presentation of a topic within the scope of the community.
Web-based Seminars consist of Internet-based Virtual Lectures accompanied by slides and audio. Discussions with the audience can take place on the Web site using both asynchronous and synchronous discussion-based mechanisms, streaming audio and by phone-based teleconference. Archived recordings of presentations and discussions are usually also viewable on the Web site.

Face to face Interaction Meetings

InterAction meetings are held periodically to give InnovationWell members and new participants a chance to meet face-to-face for exploration and discussion of specific issues driven by a problem-solving agenda, including case studies, customer-supplied issues, strategies, integrative approaches etc. Presentation materials are usually also made available on the website, so that the time at the meeting can be used more for in-depth discussions and networking. Presentations at the meetings concentrate on the main points of view, key ideas, proposals or findings. As the presentation materials are usually available on the website after the event, community members who are unable to attend in person can also review them and post questions, comments etc.


Keep up with latest industry topics and developments through continuing education with leading experts. We run both public and private workshops and training programs in areas of knowledge management and innovation.

Virtual Conferences and Lectures

Keep up with the latest developments from experts around the globe, talk to presenters live or listen to recorded events, ask your questions, make your comments etc. Presentations and seminars remain on the site as a permanent record this also makes the site a valuable source of information for staff who have recently taken on new responsibilities.


Contact other members in the community for advice, recruitment or potential collaboration. Participate in or create a new discussion group to discuss issues and practices with your peers.