Collaboration Pool

To join the InnovationWell Collaboration Pool - without cost or obligation - please complete the short registration form located at

We have established an InnovationWell Collaboration Pool of individuals and organizations who have an interest in collaborating together in areas of healthcare and life science innovation. For example, a selection of Pool members could participate in a collaborative life science, systems biology or predictive toxicology project, develop a funding proposal or response to a call opportunity together, or develop an innovation or best practice.

Collaborations take a virtual organization (VO) approach, i.e., partners bring contributing knowledge, computational or experimental capabilities to a partnership for the duration of a project or other endeavor.

VOs are supported by a variety of leading modeling and design software, informatics infrastructure, and collaborative content management and electronic lab notebook systems.

OpenTox Predictive Toxicology VOs are supported by distributed REST-driven web services and resources for data management, model building, validation and reporting, developed under the OpenTox Framework (OpenTox Page).

You can also join the InnovationWell interest group on LinkedIn.