Collaborative Innovation in Drug Discovery

InnowationWell Interaction Meeting, Baltimore, USA
InnovationWell 2015

Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect), Frank Hollinger (Sphaera Pharma) and Michael Liebman (Strategic Medicine)

Session Chair: 

Frank Hollinger (Sphaera Pharma)

Friday, 13 February, 2015 - 09:00

Charles Commons, Johns Hopkins University
10 East 33rd Street


Baltimore, MD, USA 21218

Over the years the process of carrying out drug discovery and development has changed.

With consolidation and contraction in pharmacuetical industry, the major pharmas have focused on developing alliances and collaborations to fill their pipeline.

The steps and activites to carry out drug discovery and development have remained essentially the same; however most Pharma companies have changed who is actually doing each step.

Many companies from major pharma compaines down to the virtual biotechs have been engaging CROs and collaborators, industrial and academic, in increasing numbers to carry out activities from tasks to full discovery and development efforts.

These partnerships have required a rethinking about how collaborations are carried out particularly since many are international in nature or spread out across the US.

To that end many approaches toward making collaborations and alliances most effective have evolved. Some involve technology, some involve the teams formed and often they are a combination of the two.

In this sesssion we will have several speakers identify key issues to successful collabarations and potential pitfalls to avoid, as well what combination of people, process and technology has been most useful to drive success for their organizations.