A tremendous volume and variety of technologies and complex information is created around drug discovery, clinical trials, regulatory review and healthcare delivery.

The associated investment in both the private and public sector involves tens of billions of dollars. However, information is often not easy to retrieve and new technologies are challenging to launch and integrate. A significant amount of knowledge and understanding remains inaccessible and it is challenging to share and combine knowledge from different areas of expertise or past experience.

Bringing together the right competencies, technologies, knowledge and information is critical to the success of any current new research, market or healthcare delivery situation.

The purpose of our community program is to examine and explore business strategies, new technologies, knowledge management applications, innovation practices, modern information and semantic approaches and integrated product life cycle management in the pharma, life science and healthcare industries with the goal of obtaining, improved use and deployment of knowledge and information, reduced costs of research, clinical trials and regulatory compliance, increased innovation and productivity of individuals, groups and organizations, improved returns of investment in research and clinical trials,and improved healthcare delivery and safety.

Knowledge is created and used at all stages and processes of a product's life cycle to address business strategies, enhance collaborative efforts and make intellectual use of data and information acquired from established databases, the laboratory, clinical trials, regulators and the market place. Knowledge originates from diverse sources at different times in a product life cycle. Knowledge management strives to expose critical knowledge and make it apparent at those times when it is most valuable.