InnovationWell 2015

InnovationWell InterAction Meeting

13 February, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore

faciliatated by Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect), Frank Hollinger (Sphaera Pharma) and Michael Liebman (Strategic Medicine)

Session 1: Collaborative Innovation in Drug Discovery

chaired by Frank Hollinger (Sphaera Pharma)

This session will discuss case study experiences involving collaboration in drug and biotech discovery and development, obstacles experienced in practice and methods used to overcome barriers, approaches used to data share including IP and contractual issues, practices in knowledge management and innovation success.

Session 2: Translational Medicine-Big Data:
Does it really lead to better decisions

chaired by Michael Liebman (Strategic Medicine)

The discussions in this session will help flush out the real problems and issues involved in current practices in translational medicine, identify the strengths and weaknesses in current approaches being used and explore new strategies that might be of use to address and achieve imporved translational success.