Innovationwell at a Glance

Who we are:

InnovationWell is a member-based community for those with interests in integrated knowledge-based innovation and best practices in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

In the community:

The purpose of our community program is to examine and explore business strategies, new technologies, knowledge management applications, innovation practices, modern information and semantic approaches and integrated product life cycle management in the pharma, life science and healthcare industries with the goal of obtaining improved use and deployment of knowledge and information, reduced costs of research, clinical trials and regulatory compliance,
increased innovation and productivity of individuals, groups and organisations, improved returns of investment in research and clinical trials, and improved healthcare delivery and safety.


The participants in this community typically work in the biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and include decision-making executives, strategists, product, marketing, and R&D managers, knowledge management & IT managers, research and product team members, networkers, trainers and mentors, consultants and solution vendors, patent experts, investors and legal and financial analysts.