The InnovationWell Story

‘Conversation is possibly the most powerful learning technology ever invented.’

Knowledge cafés have existed since the first humans gathered around a tree to work out a solution to their problems. They would have had a burning subject, but no fixed agenda. There may have been a few rules about speaking order, but all views, eventually, would have been heard and weighed. Survival depended on making the right decision and getting everyone in the group to act on it. Such small groups could not afford to block creativity or leave out any individual’s experience and expertise.

In today’s vastly larger and more complex society, sharing knowledge is even more essential. Complexity means fragmentation: can any one person possibly know everything about any field today? The day of the generalist has long gone. And, yet, instead of narrowing knowledge, specialization demands ever broader perspective. The best specialist today is the one who can segue across many related fields, connecting the dots, revealing angles and leads that may have nothing to do per se with his or her field. The best specialist today is someone with a wide, diverse network of peers, willing and able to share ideas and knowledge.

InnovationWell is a 21st century version of that early tree around which our ancestors gathered. Instead of a tree, we propose a center of learning (university hall, R&D lab, etc.) and a few respected speakers to launch discussion. InnovationWell is free and open; a gathering, not a meeting. It is no accident that coffee and cake figure prominently on our agenda. Informal, relaxed conversation is possibly the most powerful learning technology ever invented. We want you to come away from an InnovationWell event with a deeper understanding of your field and new personal relationships to build trust and promote sharing.

InnovationWell Bryn Mawr 2006 Meeting

InnovationWell InterAction meetings were initiated in 2006 at the Thomas Great Hall at Bryn Mawr College. The meetings brought participants together in a cross-organisational community of practice to discussion areas of collaboration and innovation, particularly in the areas of scientific advances related to healthcare, safety and interdisciplinary translational science applied to medicine. Our last InterAction meeting took place on Friday, Febuary 13th, 2015. This meeting was held at John Hopkins University, Baltimore MD. Our next scheduled meetings will take place in May 2018. 

InnovationWell is a member-based network and Community of Practice (CoP) of experts, researchers and executives with a common interest in innovation and knowledge management in the pharmaceutical, life science and healthcare sectors and in delivering knowledge-based solutions and services in areas of unmet need.

The InnovationWell Community’s program has the goal of achieving improved patient safety, enhancing outcomes in healthcare product development & delivery, reducing costs and improving productivity and quality through cross-disciplinary and cross-organisational use of innovative technologies, knowledge-based strategies and supporting innovation of all kinds.