Frank Hollinger

Dr. Frank Hollinger is the Vice President of Corporate Operations for the Americas (Canada, USA, South America) for Douglas Connect.

Dr. Frank Hollinger began applying synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry, chemoinformatics and information technology to solving drug discovery and development challenges in major pharmaceutical companies. After eight years he ventured into the entrepreneurial world of start-up biotechs where he honed the application of sound business principles to cutting edge science and technology.

Tonya Hongsermeier

Today’s providers are practicing medicine in an increasingly complex and paradoxical environment. They must practice both standardized and personalized medicine. They are expected to manage large panels of patients while optimizing the patient experience of every encounter.

Bruce Kristal

Talk Title: Long-Range Disease Risk Prediction -- Algorithmic Information Fusion in a Life and Death Environment - Over-nutrition and suboptimal dietary macronutrient choices are arguably the major environmental stressor in individuals living in Western societies...

Laszlo Urban

He and his team are developing “safety assessment tools for decision support” which provide access to integrated information for adverse drug reaction (ADR) mitigation. Laszlo received his M.D. and Ph.D. in neuropharmacology from Debrecen University, Hungary.

Lucas Beauchemin

VP of Research and Development at Vertex Labs. Joined Vertex Labs in 2016 after time spent as a statistical analyst. Active in Machine Learning, Computational Neuroscience, and Natural Language Processing. Most recently engaged in chemometrics research with GSK and Generative Modeling with Wondertron.