SaferWorldbyDesign is a new solution-oriented, safety assessment framework to support the design of intelligent, safer products.

New era for natural products explored at InnovationWell Basel

Some of our most powerful modern pharmaceuticals come from nature. Yet, less than 10% of the 250,000 known plant species has been studied and, of the 300,000 phytochemicals developed from them, only 10% are available commercially. Clearly, we are nowhere near making full use of nature’s treasures.

InnovationWell launches 1st European event

Join us for the launch of InnovationWell Basel to discuss how we can advance the fascinating promise natural products offer for new drugs!

InnovationWell sparks discussion on Systematic Review

For our May 11th event in Cambridge, InnovationWell chose one of the most taxing – yet, promising - issues facing the toxicology community: How can we apply evidence-based medicine to toxicology?