Philip Judson

Philip Judson is a founder of Lhasa Limited. He studied chemistry at the University of Manchester before working on the synthesis of novel herbicides and fungicides for Fisons Ltd. He has published over fifty papers, posters, and book chapters.

David Bruno

Bruno David is a pharmacist and chemist by training (DPharm from Dijon University and PhD in Phytochemistry from CNRS ICSN Gif sur Yvette, and Pharmacology from CNRS IPBS Toulouse (Pharmacology and Toxicology Laboratory).

Tímea Polgár

Tímea will speak at the InnovationWell Interaction meeting taking place in Basel on November 21, 2018. Timea received her Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences with emphasis in chemical engineering and computational approaches for early phase drug discovery at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, graduating summa cum laude.

Frank Hollinger

Dr. Frank Hollinger began applying synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry, chemoinformatics and information technology to solving drug discovery and development challenges in major pharmaceutical companies. After eight years he ventured into the entrepreneurial world of start-up biotechs...

Tonya Hongsermeier

Today’s providers are practicing medicine in an increasingly complex and paradoxical environment. They must practice both standardized and personalized medicine. They are expected to manage large panels of patients while optimizing the patient experience of every encounter.